Employer /Recruiters

Global Reach

  • In this competitive world & giants in corporate world, it is very important to have a global reach with every potential candidates, and to this end, JOB PORTAL provides a global platform where you can reach potential candidates at one go.
  • Useful tools like Email Campaigns to reach mass targeted Job-Seekers.
  • The Auto-Post feature on the Social Media Channel of Job Portal, helps to ensure a global reach as well as presence to targeted Job-Seekers.
  • Employers Invite provides you with the facility to invite candidates to join or connect, even before they reach you, which increases the scope of reach to candidates.


Virtual Interview Panel

  • At the Online Interview Panel, we provide a virtual world of communication for seafarers, Employers & Hiring Teams.
  • A unique concept, is the centre stage communication platform where the organisation, recruiters, external recruiters & candidates come together to co-ordinate, communicate &share real-time status.
  • External recruiters are professional recruiters invited by organisations for specific job posts, so that they can share profiles suitable for the same. After the process all stakeholders can communicate & track activities regarding the actions taken for the particular job posts.

Job Post Segmentation

  • We believe in segmentation of the zones, as viewers can get relevant information at proper segment like Shore Jobs & Sea Jobs.
  • This gives a 360 Degree view of Shore Jobs as well as Sea jobs with appropriate filters.

Activities Tracker

  • At every stage, from opportunity to application process, activities like Activating Opportunities, as well as updating the contents, are important and JOB PORTAL helps you to track the activities being done.
  • It also gives a complete activity track of the Interview Panel activities at every stage.


Dashboard Analytics

  • Our dashboards are segments where employers get relevant information in the form of graphics as well as categorisation.
  • The Extensive search engine provides users with concise data as per set criteria. Users get their choice cup of tea at one place, in one go…
  • Detailed view of responses received for each job post.

Real-Time Active Profile Database

  • We provide fresh, Active & real profiles of seafarers, organised according to readiness of the seafarers, which eliminates any time wastage for employers.
  • Ready tools like network messaging through various mediums & campaigning helps employers to get connected with active seafarers easily.

Customised Campaigns

  • Maximum reach in minimum efforts is the advantage of customized Campaigns
  • JOB PORTAL provides various networking campaigns like Email, to increase your reach in limited time to highest potential seafarers.
  • This helps you to reach potential seafarers, engage with them, share ideas & goals as well as analyse strategies.

Social Media Integration

  • This feature of social media integration, allows you to post job openings to social media channels like Facebook & LinkedIn automatically.
  • On our social media channel, organisations, recruiters & candidates can get the latest opportunities and information.

Public Application View

  • Seafarers apply through their zone according to the ranks they are interested in, which gives you view of real-time rank-wise applications of seafarers with contact information.
  • This list will be updated on a daily basis.
  • It also gives a real-time application list as per readiness of seafarers.

resume parser

  • Connect to your local CV folder and parse it.
  • Explore candidate details and keep for future reference.
  • Advance search by Designation, Rank, Nationality as well as full-text search from resumes.



Unique Profile Privacy

  • Rest assured that your professional profile is completely secure with us.
  • We do not share any profiles publicly or on social media.
  • We never engage in selling profile databases for any reason; your contact information will be visible to employers when you apply for the job.
  • With secured online infrastructure, we take utmost care to protect privacy of your profile.

heading Reach to All Employers/Crewing Agencies

  • With our various tools like Bulk resume service, we help you to reach to all employers & crewing agencies.
  • We have a unique feature called Profile share where you can share your profile with employers.

Centralised Document Repository

  • Now you can have all your documents, certificates supporting your profile, at one centralised place.
  • You also have the unique feature of sharing your documents directly from your centralised repository to employers.


Social Media Channel

  • Latest opportunities are in synced with our social media zones, where you can be in touch with fresh opportunities in real-time.
  • You can share latest opportunities with your acquaintances.

Application Tracking

  • For real-time status of your application, it’s very important to track the application process. We help you make this happen with our tracking tools.
  • Real-time status makes you ready for the next steps and follow-ups with your employers.

Universal Profile

  • Now, have a universal profile with us and can share it anywhere at your convenience.
  • Eliminates the hassle of having multiple profiles throughout the web; just make it with us and share.

 Profile Job Feed & Tagging

  • Job feed and tagging helps you to categorise your alerts as well as job searches.
  • It also helps you to avoid spam jobs in your inbox.

 Opportunities Inbox

  • Employers can reach you with personalised messages in your inbox.
  • Inbox is a centralised place for all your messages regarding jobs or any kind of messaging through the system.

 Employer Invitation

  • Get a Job Invitation directly from the employer.
  • It speeds up the reach to the potential employer.

Customised Notifications

  • Get notified with custom notifications on latest job posts.
  • Job feed tag management lets you have relevant information and messages in your JOB PORTAL inbox as well as Emails.

Integration with Ocean Eagle Eye

  • Post jobs directly to OceanEagleEye portal, a Global Marine Jobs Portal.
  • View Direct / Sourced / OceanEaglEye candidate applications on Recruiter's Dashboard.
  • Sync Candidates from OceanEagleEye Portal.